Pay attention to your car’s windshield so, you can detect problems with it and decrease downtime of the vehicle as well as the cost for repair. Many vehicle maintenance experts say that car owners think that the windshield is the least of their worries. They didn’t know that the tiny chip or crack can become a big problem later on. So, if you think that these can pose minimal harm to you and it shouldn’t be a major concern at all, think again.  Such crack or chip may be an issue of safety for you and your passengers.  

Glass damage can progress into a whole new problem if not attended to immediately. A lot of car manufacturers are using newer lightweight glass to improve fuel mileage. That’s why windshield problem is getting prevalent these days. If you think that you need help in determining what to do with it, here are some things that can help you.  

1. Is having a chip in the windshield really bad? 

The simple answer is yes. Never disregard a chip in your windshield. Studies indicate that 90% of cracks or chips will become a much bigger crack at any moment or within three years, depending on the extent of the damage. The worse thing is if it happens when the driver least expected it as that will cause a distraction to one’s driving. Distracted driving may lead to accidents.  

When it comes to vehicle safety, the windshield plays a very important role. The car’s windshield guarantees the proper deployment of the airbags. It also helps in keeping the structural integrity of the vehicle if and when a rollover occurs. A damaged windshield is 70% weaker than the undamaged one. Save yourself from danger and replace or repair a broken windshield as necessary.   

2. Is auto glass repair a good solution? 

As a matter of fact, it is. The initial factory seal is maintained by repairing versus replacing the windshield. After only thirty minutes, that small crack or chip can be repaired, and that will save you time, money, and effort.   

The method of chip repair works by creating a vacuum on the damaged part. The moisture and air are separated and resin will be injected into the broken part, penetrating the micro-cracks and filling them. The technician will take it off from the vacuum and then apply a resin-hardening UV light. 

3. What about large cracks?  

If it is not possible to repair the glass, then replacement is required. Replacement costs differ based on the car’s model and make. It’s essential to take note of the baseline requirements your local traffic bureau so you’re sure that you’re complying with the standards.  

Ensure that you’re working with a reputable auto glass company in Frisco that can provide you with repair and replacement services along with the necessary warranty that will cover the entire length of possession of your car. The guarantee should also ensure that you’ll lower the lease turn-back rate and pass the standard state checks of your vehicle.