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At Capistrano’s Wholesale Bakery we know that our future success depends upon our ability to clearly understand the needs of our customers and then get it done on time and within cost. We strive to be known for our outstanding product and customer service. Here at Capistrano’s we work hard to make our customer needs a priority. Each month, we go directly to our clients for feedback on how we can improve our service and our products. We make ordering easy for your busy schedules. Our customer service staff will work with you on ordering and delivery schedules that work for you and your business. If your order is received today, you can have it delivered tomorrow! You don't have to predict the future with us.

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Wholesale Bakery Breads

Our wholesale bread products include a wide variety of items with over 200 choices for your bread needs. Delivered fresh daily, we strive to give our Phoenix area customers a quality product. Not only can we supply your Phoenix area wholesale bakery needs with over 200 existing products, we can help you develop your signature menu items also. Looking to change your menu or add new items? Our wholesale bakery salespeople can work with you to make sure that you have just the right bread, roll or artisan bread item to compliment it.

Wholesale Bakery in Phoenix Arizona - Serving Southern California and Nevada

Here at Capistrano's we have one basic philosophy. We know that we can’t stay successful without you staying successful. We believe that our future success depends upon our ability to clearly understand the needs of our customers and then get it done on time and within cost.  We strive to be known for outstanding products and exceptional customer service. Whether you order 8 dozen or 80 dozen, you are a VIP to our wholesale bakery staff. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your Phoenix area wholesale bakery needs.

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